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Gemstone Dealer - Mats Processing


Our History

Mats Processing was established in 2015 with one mission: To fulfil the coloured gems industry needs whether it’s medium quality corundum or the highest quality ruby or tourmaline while helping the Mozambican community to grow sustainably.

Mats Processing has established great relationships as gemstone dealer with multiple African countries like Mozambique which, over the past few years, has revealed a great gemstone mining potential, providing a constant flux of stones ranging from medium to high qualities and offering a great mineral diversity.

We pride ourselves in the superior experience on trading African gems and the constant search and maintenance of long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers internationally.

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Gemstone Dealer - A Mats Processing


Mauritius offers the best conditions both geographically and financially, positioning itself as the best hub to distribute our African goods to Asia or anywhere in the world while providing stability and a great logistics infrastructure.

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